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What is Logomak?

Logomak is a one-stop online generator for creating professional logos. Simply select your industry and logo characteristics. Our smart logo maker will suggest the best colors and fonts for your logo.

Looking for inspiration? Find it here! Logomak will show you logos used by other businesses in your industry, as well as trending designs. There is no better way to gather creative ideas for your future emblem!

Need a ready-to-use logo? Download a simple logo design for free on the Logomak website. Need a more professional-looking design? Go to our partner's site, where you can create a visually compelling logo and download it for a fee.

Your logo making assistant

With Logomak, creating a nice logo is a breeze! Logomak will help you find the best design solutions for your business. Don't miss the chance to make your business as visually striking as the brands below!

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Why your business needs a logo design

A logo is a combination of an icon, text, and colors. It's the image your customers will associate with your products and services. A logo is the cornerstone of your company's visual identity.

A good logo has the power to make your brand more recognizable, separate your business from other companies, and nurture brand loyalty.

How to create a logo with Logomak

With Logomak, creating a neat logo has never been easier. This is what you need to do, step by step:


Enter your business name and select the category

Along with your business name and industry, you must also select the characteristics you want your logo to have. Once you're ready, click "Create a logo".

Example: Enter business name

Pick the best colors and fonts for your logo

Based on your submitted information and analysis of other companies' logos, Logomak selects the best colors, fonts, and logos for your business. Copy the color codes and font names that Logomak suggests, and use them in your design!

Example: Pick the best color

Download a free design or create a professional logo

Simple logos in PNG are downloadable for free. You can use them to test your creative ideas and draw inspiration. If you need a more professional-looking logo, you can create and download one on our partner's site. To do that, click the "Create a logo" link on the page with color schemes and fonts.

Example: download free design

Why Logomak?


We'll find the best corporate shades for your logo and brand. Choose from numerous combinations of primary and secondary colors!


You can pair not only colors but also typefaces. We've put together fonts that look stunning together!

Inspirational ideas

Finding the right idea for your logo can be a tough task. Get inspired by beautiful logos used in your industry and find your own creative path!

Free logo

If you're content with a simple logo, go ahead and download one for free in PNG. It's a great solution for a website and other online platforms.

Logo design trends

We're constantly adding trendy emblems to keep you updated on the latest logo design techniques.

Professional design

On our partner's site, you can create more complex and compelling logo designs. The almost seamless integration makes the logo creation process fast and easy!

How to build a smart brand identity

A quick guide to building a professional brand identity for your business


Business name and slogan

Make sure your business name and slogan convey your company values - or at least don't go against them.



A logo is a point of reference for your brand identity. This small image is used across a variety of branded carriers, from business cards, to pens, to official websites. Creating a clever logo is the first step toward building your brand identity.


Colors and fonts

Businesses use their corporate fonts and colors everywhere, including business cards, brochures, websites, social media pages, etc.



Your brand identity items (business cards, letteheads, flyers, etc.) must share the same idea, design code, and marketing goals.

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